Risk Assessments

Our goal is to work with the right team–and the right amount of team– and to help you coordinate that team once it’s in place.

What we provide

an in-depth risk management evaluation that addresses over 100 key concepts

ranking of the risk level unique to your event and venue

recommendations regarding emergency medical options, including protocols for triage and transport

coordination of communications for all agencies on scene, including use of radio and video links

mobile command centers

back-up plans and worst-case-scenario protocols

We create a centralized communication post

Our company can provide for a step-by-step emergency response system to handle every type of incident. We are easily integrated into existing teams on-site. We understand the importance of cooperation with all departments involved and understand their roles and responsibilities. We analyze these details and develop set rules and responsibilities to which everyone will adhere. In essence, we organize the emergency response to work under one command center, assuring that all your medical needs will be handled in the most efficient and consistent manner.

Our experience helps make your event a good experience

We know the importance of planning to prevent problems. We want to share our depth of experience with you so that your event will go smoothly.